The “Basic” Series Finale

Well, like all good series – whether it be Breaking Bad, Lost, 24 (oh wait…), or The Office – there must be an ending. This past Sunday, our Basic Christianity Series had its comeuppance. Don’t worry, all the loose strings were tied up and none of your favorite characters were whacked. We did a blow-by of all the previous Sunday’s lessons. Though the speed may have been a little too much, we at least touched on all of the previous weeks’ topics. If you haven’t Continue reading →

Thoughts of Heaven

Well, there was no morning men’s study this past Tuesday because I was down in Dallas to attend my graduation at Dallas Theological Seminary. Zach Ondrak, the bearded wonder, filled in the teaching role in the Basic Christianity series in Sunday School that will be concluding soon. He taught on Heaven, and the discussion (from what I’ve been told) went really well. It is a topic that we sadly only discuss when books like Heaven Is For Real prompt us to think about it. Then Continue reading →

What’s up with that “Trinity” thing?

When was the last time you heard any teaching on the Trinity? Well, if you were in our Sunday School class on Sunday, then it wasn’t that long ago! Yes, I actually decided to teach on the most important topic of the Christian faith yesterday – a topic that most people rarely even think about when it comes to Christianity because of how “strange” and “impractical” it is. The great news is that when the Trinity is taught well then it becomes the center of Continue reading →

Why does the Church matter?

The question in the topic line is an important one. Some people hear the word “Church” and immediately think words like “lame”, “out of touch”, “hypocritical”, “boring”, “irrelevant”, etc. These words may even be true. In fact I can guarantee that they are be true at times and places. Any church that exists in America has faced those labels by someone. Not even from just Atheists or non-Christians. Well, this past Sunday in the Basic Christianity Series at Kearney FBC we talked about the Church. What Continue reading →

The Tragedy of Sin and the Beauty of the Gospel

This week you get two for the price of one click. Due to the new addition to the Dougherty family, I was not able to stay up with the regular posting for the Sunday School series. I only partly apologize. However, Pastor Zach Ondrak graciously stepped into the teaching role for the last couple of weeks and addressed to the two foundational truths of Sin and the Gospel in our Basics of Christianity series. While I missed the week that we discussed sin, I was able to Continue reading →

The God-Man

The topic of the combined Pathfinders/Young Adults Sunday School yesterday was the two natures of Jesus. With Mallory’s and my baby coming any day now (maybe today?!?) Neil Dutenhoffer stepped into the teaching role to tackle this central teaching of the Christian faith. It is also a teaching that few consider a “sexy” topic to cover. In fact, you may have already stopped reading this post because the topic seems a little listless to you. However, without understanding this teaching then it is possible that Continue reading →

Is Scripture Reliable?

The reliability of Scripture was the topic of discussion on yesterday’s agenda in our Sunday School class yesterday. This is an important topic due to recent attacks by non-Christian scholarship on the Bible. It’s a great topic to discuss, and it matters significantly to Christians because we view the world through the eyes of Scripture. The Bible dictates how we know who Christ is, what Churches are to be concerned with, how we live in marriages, and how we use the gifts and resources the Continue reading →

NT Overview

Yesterday in Sunday School we continued our Basic Christianity Series with a broad discussion of the New Testament (last week was OT overview). After opening with a brief discussion on how the Lord speaks to us today, we focused on how the NT was structured and its purpose. Understanding that the reason we have the New Testament letters today is due to the sinfulness of Churches in the 1st century helps to encourage us that when we struggle with our own failure we are walking Continue reading →

Basics of Christianity Series – OT overview

Our lesson this week in the Basics of Christianity Series was the Old Testament Overview. We had a full house as we dove into understanding the outline and flow of the Old Testament! As a summary, the two big points that I really consider important come from Genesis 12:1-3 and Deuteronomy 28. These two passages form the backbone of understanding how God acts in the world. The outline of Israel’s history can only be truly understood if one knows these two passages. With Genesis 12:1-3 we see how Continue reading →

Basics Series – Our Worldview and the Purpose of God

Yesterday was the beginning of the new Basic Christianity Series here at FBC Kearney. We talked about what a Worldview is and how our basic assumptions in life end up affecting our everyday actions without us realizing that. Then we talked about what God says the underlying purpose in all of his actions is – to show his greatness in all the world. They were a couple of huge topics, but still needed to be touched on (even if it was too brief). If you Continue reading →