A Colossal Conclusion

This is it. The Colossal Colossians Conclusion. Ok, maybe I am over-hyping. However, we are finishing the book of Colossians and the two words have so much of a similarity that I could not resist. Did you miss the rest of the study? Check out the previous weeks here. Just want to see the blogs that summarize each week? Check that out here. My hope during this study is that you would grow strong in the truth of who Christ is. Paul spills precious ink Continue reading →

Second Chances

Just a couple more weeks to go in our Colossians study! This week we look at Colossians 4.7-22, studying the part of Paul’s letter that most of the time people just skip thinking it to be inconsequential. In this section, Paul talks about some of the relationships that he has that deserve highlighting. Paul takes time to publicly encourage people that he sees doing the Lord’s work diligently, hoping that everyone knows the hard work that they put in to serve the Church. Not only Continue reading →

Prayer and Evangelism

Colossians 4.2-7 focuses on the prayer life of the believer. First, we must remember that Paul is writing this letter from prison. How does that affect your understanding of his prayer request in Col. 4:3? Paul could have asked for prayer to be freed from prison. In fact, he does ask for an open door. Spending all of his hours in a jail cell would probably give him plenty of time to focus on the closed door next to him. Instead, he asks for an open Continue reading →

House Rules

Ah, Colossians 3:18-4:1. The opportunity to jump into several culturally charged topics with a few paragraphs. Nothing better than a little controversial chum to roil the internet waters. That is most definitely not what I am thinking. I’m not going to lie, everything within me does not want to discuss much in this passage that might provoke controversy because the internet is typically not a good place to get into an argument. So, without further ado I will try to avoid all semblance of an Continue reading →

How Actions Speak

How often do you think about how people perceive you? I can be a little compulsive in this because I want to make sure that my intentions match up with the proper reactions. Over the years I have realized that I am perceived quite differently than my intentions. We should analyze how actions speak about our character. While this may not be advisable to do often lest you come off as insecure, I used to periodically ask people what they think of me. Almost every Continue reading →

Second Nature

Ever feel like you have a split personality? Ever do things that you regret and wish you had back? So it is with everyone. You see evil is a quality of the soul that can be squelched by rigorous effort, but never extinguished. We can spend all of our time fighting our anger, greediness, selfishness and lustful thoughts for nothing because we are waging war against the very core of our souls. Getting rid of evil requires more than a rearranging of furniture. It requires Continue reading →

Fasting, Fattening, and Fallacy

One of the reasons that I love going through a book of the Bible verse by verse, cover to cover, is the opportunity to come across topics that we normally avoid. Scripture is full of difficult places that cause us to question our previously held positions and pushes us to engage with the Lord in new ways. Colossians 2.16-23 is no different in this regard. The topic of eating and drinking can be controversial in Christianity. From the beginning, Christians have been wrestling with how to Continue reading →

Stop Living on Empty

I can’t mince words. A life not lived in faith is worthless. What value does it hold? None. Zip. Nil. Nada. Colossians 2.6-15 is on tap for this week. We have been looking at a book that sees the Apostle Paul encourage a Church he has never met to continue living the life that it was taught. Every Church goes through life cycles. Many statistician say that it is inevitable for churches to close their doors one day. I don’t know the mind of God as Continue reading →

What’s the point of it all?

Purpose. An important word that everyone needs more of. Purpose. Everyone is in search of it, but very few find it in a way that satisfies the core of their being. I’ve found it and lost it, sought it and forgot it, wanted it and discarded it. Colossians 1:24-2:5 has plenty of it. Paul oozes purpose in this section. He has enough to go around. However, he does not mention his purpose in life flippantly to his audience. He teaches them what his purpose is and Continue reading →

Jesus Most High

Is it possible to speak too highly of Jesus? Paul didn’t seem to think so. If you read Colossians 1:15-23, as we did this week in our Colossians Study – Week 3, Paul uses language to describe Jesus that can only point to a person who is fully God and fully man. One who is not created but is still a part of creation. Whose power has no boundaries and in whom all trust can be placed for security. This Jesus that is described in Continue reading →