The Second Chance

The essence of evangelism is found in extending second chances. One big problem, though, is that many people don’t think they need the second chance that Christ gives. Everyone wants second chances, just not on someone else’s terms – no matter how great those terms are. We continued our Evangelism in the Book of Acts series in the Rooted class with the story of Paul in Athens. Paul sees the rampant worship of false gods surrounding him in the city of Athens as he walked Continue reading →

Just Another Day at the Office

As we study the book of Acts with the purpose of looking at the passages that feature evangelism, we come across the journeys of Paul in Barnabas. The author of Acts, Luke, traveled with these men and got to witness God do some amazing things through them. However, everywhere they went they faced opposition. In Acts 14:8-20, it is just another day at the office for Paul and Barnabas in Lystra. Heal a lame man (check), get mistaken for Greek gods (unplanned), preach the gospel (check), get Continue reading →

Just Listen

While ADD has become increasingly common (or at least increasingly referenced) in the world, I am pretty sure I have the exact opposite problem. I can be so hyper-focused that I am incapable of allowing the outside world to interrupt my attention. My wife can back this up. Sometimes she asks me to do something, opens up about something in her heart, asks me a question about my day while I am engaged in another activity – nothing gets through. Sometimes I will even respond Continue reading →

Do you really care?

Tough words are a part of life. Sometimes we need to hear them. Sometimes we need to say them. They keep us in check. They can prevent great evils from occurring. They can even save lives. But they must be spoken. And spoken well. How do we go about speaking tough words well? That is at the core of yesterday’s Rooted class as we wrapped up talking about the speech of Stephen in the book of Acts (see my notes – Stephen Pt. 4). We are Continue reading →

The Space Between

As many good songs tend to be, there is truth to the well-known Dave Matthews song from a few years back (13, to be exact). This songs tells a story of two people that love one another but have strife in the middle of that relationship. In other words, this is a song about every relationship ever. What does it have to do with my purpose for today? In yesterday’s Rooted class we  continued discussing Stephen and talked about Acts 7:17-39, which is the middle portion Continue reading →

A Dead Man’s Confession

If you faced a murderous crowd and had one chance to clear your name, what would you say? In the book of Acts, this very scenario unfolds with the story of Stephen in Acts 6-7. In this week’s Sunday School, we studied Acts 7:1-16. This is the first half of Stephen’s speech before his accusers. The accusations cannot be taken lightly because if Stephen is found guilty then he would be punished with death. Acts 6 lays the charges out: blasphemy against God and Moses Continue reading →

What Makes You Significant?

Many of us struggle with the desire to be significant in this world. We long to make an impact. We long to be someone who has influence. This week in our Acts series we were introduced to Stephen. As we study the book of Acts in order to see how the early Church did evangelism so that we may imitate them, we run into this godly man. However, when he is first introduced at the beginning of Acts 6 he is one of seven men who have Continue reading →

The Purpose of Freedom

Freedom is touted as the most precious American value. We talk about it as the main thing that makes this country different from so many “corrupt” nations that struggle in this world. However, we rarely sit back and dissect the purpose of the freedom that we have been given in different aspects of our lives. In fact, I bet many of us don’t even think about the fact that the word freedom refers to a specific kind of freedom in life. America’s leading “satire-ologist,” Stephen Colbert, Continue reading →

Pray Before You Say

Evangelism is at the heart of what Christianity is all about. Right before Christ ascended into heaven after his resurrection, he did not tell the disciples to play keep away with the truth. He did not ask them to head back to their homes and act like nothing has happened. To lead comfortable lives. He told them to go throughout the earth with the good news of who Jesus is. In his last dialogue he focuses on the need to share the good news with people. Continue reading →

The Reflecting Pool

There is something breathtaking about clear-glass water that reflects the objects around it. The stillness speaks of peace and order in a way that seems to speak of a nature as it calls us to be. On the calm reflection of the undisturbed surface the water’s surroundings come through clearly. In Sunday School this past week we continued our Evangelism in Acts series. This week we were in Acts 4:5-22, reading about Peter’s trial before the Sanhedrin (Jewish ruling council). Peter had healed a lame beggar and Continue reading →