The Heart of Worship

What does God really want from you? This is a significant question in life that has many answers. Many of us may answer the question correctly with our mouths, but our actions tell a different story. The book of Malachi is the last book in the Old Testament and in the Minor Prophets, but it has much to say about pure worship and the Lord’s part in bringing that about. In this last week in our Rooted in the Prophets series, we hear the Lord calling Continue reading →

Jesus is not Random

The predictive power of Scripture is one of its greatest strengths. We can debate about its wisdom and objective views on the laws of physics and geology, but when we come to the prophecies of Scripture that have been documented to exist well before their fulfillment there is little room for sound debate. The book of Zechariah has many such prophecies that relate to the Lord’s work throughout history. One of the most well known prophecies is found in Zech. 9:9-10 which is found in Matt. Continue reading →


What you value the most comes through in where you spend your time. Whether it is “me time,” your children, your hobby, your work, or your God – you make decisions to order your life according to where you spend your excess energy. What if God disagreed with your priorities? What if He said that you have to shift your priorities in order to make room for him in the madness that is life? The book of Haggai speaks to this reality, and we discussed it Continue reading →

Who are the Righteous?

Sorry that this post comes a day late. Our sweet little girl lovingly passed on her stomach bug to my wife and I as a gift that would allow us to have a day of bonding. After all it is adversity that brings people together, is it not? While I’m sure you would love me to go into the details of my stomach’s inner workings, it would be best if we got to it – Zephaniah. That was the Minor Prophet that we studied in Continue reading →

God’s Compassion Is No Big Fish

Most people know the whale of a tale found in the book of Jonah. Whether it be through Veggie Tales or from some other media, the story of Jonah and the whale is a common childhood tale. Children love the dramatic and quirky. So a giant fish swallowing a man, and then the man living inside the fish for a few days qualifies. In our series on being Rooted in the Prophets we studied this story of a man who rejected God’s revealed will. However, the Continue reading →

Lifestyles of the Rich, and Famous Amos

It’s hard to listen to rebuke. It’s even harder to listen to rebuke when you think you’re doing everything right. Amos was a shepherd sent by God to speak to the rich and famous Israelites who were living it up while ignoring the way of God. It would be similar to a ranch hand (whose job description can be found here) showing up on Wall Street or in Congress and delivering a scathing message from God to the big wigs, hoping to see them ditch their Continue reading →

What you know ’bout me?

Ever had that thought? Ever had someone accuse you of something very personal even though that person may know you very little? I bet you did not respond nicely. However, what if that person claimed to be given a message from the God who does know you pretty well? In the Rooted class, we discussed the prophet Joel. This prophet was faced with delivering a difficult message to Israel that probably left some Israelites wondering the same thing. Can you see the tent in the background? The Continue reading →

Marrying the Prostitute

How far would you go to obey God? What limits do you have in your obedience to God? In the Rooted class this week, we talked about how the prophet Hosea (living in the 700’s B.C.) was told by God to go marry a prostitute (Hos. 1:3)! Hosea was to take a woman whose life revolved around unhealthy relationships and bind himself to her. Sounds like a good, wise idea by God right? I mean doesn’t God want everyone to live a life of comfort and Continue reading →

The Major Minor Prophet

  So, the Rooted class talked about the prophet Daniel yesterday in our series on the Minor Prophets. There is only one small problem with that sentence. Daniel is not included in the list of minor prophets! I don’t know how it happened, but I went brain dead and included Daniel in this series. So, let’s just look at this topic as a bonus. The Minor Prophets are those prophets that could all fit onto one scroll, and another often-used name for them is “The Twelve.” Daniel Continue reading →

We Must Be Rooted in the Prophets

It’s been awhile since my last post, but it was a good time to step back during the holiday season and spend time eating good food and enjoying family. To begin in the new year, the Rooted Class is starting a new series on the Minor Prophets called Rooted in the Prophets. The intention of this series is to get a general overview of the last 12 books in the Old Testament. These 12 books are the least talked about books in all of Scripture Continue reading →