Through God’s Eyes

Do you trust a blind man to pick out your daily wardrobe? What about a business executive to be the primary surgeon for your heart surgery? Or a Pastor to be your lawyer? I hope not. You when someone is not qualified in an area requiring expertise, it is important to consult those who are qualified. In the last Morning Men of this Fall (or is it winter here in Nebraska? No one seems to know…) we discussed 1 Samuel 16:7-14 and the anointing of David Continue reading →

No One is Godly By Accident

We all have reasons for not doing what we should. “I don’t have time.” “I am not very good at that.” “I have never done that before.” These are just a few of the reasons people give when turning down opportunities in life. Used at the appropriate time, these can be very good reasons. Sometimes it is best to manage your time in such a way that you have to turn down completely good opportunities. However, in the wrong scenario (and when coupled with a Continue reading →

Be Careful What You Ask For

Ever asked for something from God that he gave you and you wish he hadn’t? Even good, godly prayers can have answers that we did not quite expect. I can be hesitant to pray for God to use me no matter the cost because sometimes I will get more than I bargained for. For example, at times in my life my prayers have centered around comfort and peace in my life. These seemed to be good things to desire. The Lord even granted these things Continue reading →

You chose him?!?

Ever been surprised by election results? I am tempted to post a video of a certain big-time radical’s rant to a democratic president’s election, but I don’t really want to send more traffic his way. There have been times in history where we can look at the leader that was chosen by whatever means that country uses and we were left wondering, “That guy?” 1 Samuel 9-11 is no different. The Morning Men dove into this passage for this week’s study. This section is a crucial section of Continue reading →

It’s not you, it’s me

Talk about a slap in the face. This cliche break-up phrase is the one phrase you pray that they don’t use on you when they have to break the news. “It’s not you, it’s me” = “I never you liked you enough to be honest with you” in my opinion (but I can be a curmudgeon). At the very least it’s like confessing that they prefer lying to being honest. Nothing captures this reality better than George Costanza’s “It’s not you, it’s me bit.” ****edit: I Continue reading →

The Privilege of Presence

The first few Christmases that I can remember were glorious. Presents, toys, and games galore. Letters sent to Santa rewarded with free stuff that magically appeared under the tree. “What could be better than this?” I would have thought if I was old enough to care about hypotheticals. Well, pretty soon Christmas glee turned into dissatisfaction with not receiving the exact presents that I wanted. After only getting 5 of the 7 toys on the list I sent to Santa I would lament over the Continue reading →

What’s Your Calling?

In our Samuel series in The Morning Men we discussed 1 Samuel 3:1-14 this morning. This passage is the calling of Samuel. Unusual is a good word to describe this scene. First, God verbally speaks to Samuel. Second, Samuel doesn’t even realize it’s God. Third, Eli can’t hear God’s voice. Fourth, God “stood” in front of Samuel. I mean this story is kind of strange. However, looking past that we see a message loud and clear. God calls those he desires to use. We do Continue reading →

Responding to Infertility

Infertility is a very real struggle that has many twists and turns in today’s world. Within Christianity and Judaism it can take on an extra dimension as the pressing question that gets asked is, “Why?” Even stories that speak of infertility in Scripture can be depressing because in these cases God eventually grants the women a child. If read during difficulty, they can leave someone wondering if their problem is a lack of faith. For those that don’t know me, I am a man with Continue reading →

Who has God called you to be?

“Calling” is kind of a trending topic in modern Christianity. Who has called me to be? What has he called me to do? Those are BIG questions that can haunt our lives in times of loneliness and despair. They can also be boosting questions in times of reassurance and success. To know that you are doing exactly what the Lord has called you to do is life-giving joy. In the Morning Men’s Study we will be diving into this question through the eyes of the Continue reading →