Tired of the Rat Race?

There are a few things I am certain of in this life. One of these certainties is the exhaustion of most people who live in America. We see it in our homes, we see it in our communities. People for the most part are tired. The job, the kids, the schoolwork, even the vacation time is never enough to be satisfied. I feel this pull whenever I am in a busy season. The pull that causes you to ask, “Am I missing something here?” Sometimes Continue reading →

The War in Our Churches

Anyone who is not pro-love please raise your hand. Since everyone says they are pro-love what explanation does that leave us in our churches and society for the anger and fracturing that exists? Is it always just your enemies who are the two-faced? Or, maybe the very core of the problem lies in the understanding of love and the boundaries that it requires to truly exist and flourish. Ephesians 2:11-22 witnesses Paul’s crucial argument in trying to get two groups to join together view each Continue reading →

The Good News is Life

This morning in our Gospel Series we continued to talk about how the good news is affecting our lives. The topic this morning was the gift of life that we receive from believing that Christ gave his life for us. Truly this is the most discussed aspect of the gospel. However, we began the discussion with the question, “What is life and why is it so valuable?” There were several reasons discussed about why we value it so much. Some came from a christian perspective (that we Continue reading →

Why Street Corner Preachers Aren’t All Bad

Many of us have seen them. They stand on street corners in downtowns across the country, shouting at the top of their lungs, “Repent!!” We walk by them, deaf to their cries. Or we walk by, rolling our eyes because we understand that sometimes our hearts my be in the right place but we don’t seem to be following through in a godly manner. Or we walk by, thinking they are stupid. Whatever it is, we need to recognize one thing. Those “screamers” aren’t missing Continue reading →

Why is Sin so bad?

This week we continued our Gospel Series in the Young Adult class. We continued our discussion from last week when we talked about the Effects of Sin in our lives. While “Gospel” means “the good news” literally, it is important that we preface our teaching of the good news with why we have need of it in the first place. Last week was a discussion on the Fall and how we are hopeless without the redemption of Christ because of the state into which we were born. This Continue reading →

The Tragedy of the Fall

Yesterday in Sunday School we started a new series. It is on the gospel because it is important that the foundation of our lives revolves on the teaching of the good news of God becoming man and taking the sins of the world upon his shoulders, allowing us to have a relationship with the Father. So, we started the series by talking about The Bad News. It is important to begin any discussion of the gospel with understanding why things are the way that they Continue reading →

What do you fear?

In studying 1 Peter with a friend we came to 3:8-22 this past week. It has lots to discuss, but the Lord brought to the forefront of my mind the topic of fear here. 1 Peter is full of the discussion of fear because Christians have been faced with fears since time immemorial. The fear of rejection, suffering, misunderstanding, you name it. We have been called to follow the God who has been rejected by this world, so aligning ourselves with him necessarily means we Continue reading →