The Summer in Review

This morning we wrapped up our Summer men’s series with a time of sharing what we learned. There wasn’t much to the agenda other than saying what stood out to us throughout the Summer’s topics. Just for a review, here are the topics we covered: June 3) Introduction June 10) …Hell? (Revelation 20:11-15) June 17) …those who have never heard? (Romans 1:18-25) June 24) …evil? (Job 1:1-22) July 1) …science and the Bible? (Genesis 1:1-31) July 8) …homosexuality (Romans 1:21-32) July 15) …contradictions in the Bible? (Exodus 32:7-14 and 1 Samuel 15:26-29) Continue reading →

Want to Know the Day of Christ’s Return?

Christ is coming back! The day of his return draws nearer everyday. Want to know the day or the hour? Look no further than Acts 1:7. Was my title a little misleading? Maybe. What’s a guy gotta do to get some hits around here? Well, the reality is that we talked about the Tribulation this morning in the Morning Men’s Study at Kearney FBC. The passage that we spent most of our time in was Revelation 6:1-17. This passage is widely seen as the beginning of Continue reading →

Are Mormons really Christians?

That is a great question. It was the topic of our Morning Men’s Study today. For a brief primer on Mormonism, check out some of these resources: Wikipedia page on Mormonism (good for just an overview of background, although not scholarly) (run by the Mormon Church) (a resource that will give the Christian side to Mormonism) Use those resources to help familiarize yourself with the religion. What we focused on today was Colossians 1:15-20 because in that passage is a discussion of the nature of Christ. This is Continue reading →

Should I care about Old Testament Laws?

This is an important question that pops up in moral debates today. If you have ever attempted to read the Bible in a year, then you probably have gotten to the middle of Leviticus (if that far…) and thought, “Is this really worth it?” or, “What is going on here?” We have Christ and grace! Who needs the Law?!? Well, this morning at the Morning Men’s study we talk about how Christians relate to the OT law. We read Acts 15:1-21 because this question was Continue reading →

Thoughts on Islam

In the Morning Men’s study we discussed the topic of Islam (for a brief overview of what Islam is see this -I know, I know it’s Wikipedia. I couldn’t find a good overview that I could trust from either Christians or Muslims. The Wikipedia article is at least trying to give an overview without persuasion as its main objective). We began with diving into John 1:1-18 with the focus on understanding what the Scripture says about the person of Jesus. The reason that we did this was so Continue reading →

Aren’t There Contradictions in the Bible?

This is a common attack on the authority of Scripture. If the Bible has contradictions, then how can we believe in the God who authored it? That is a legitimate question that needs to be addressed, and it is the question that we discussed this morning in Men’s Study. Of course, we did not have time to go through every supposed contradiction in Scripture, so I had to pick one prominent one out and deal with it. The one that we chose (and “we” as in Continue reading →

What about Homosexuality?

Big topic, little time. As with most of the topics covered in our “What About…?” Series, there are entire books written on this subject. So, my aim is not to answer every objection that can be mustered. However, some things need to be said on this topic. There are a few basic thoughts that must guide any discussion on this topic: 1) First of all, if someone does not view Scripture as inspired by God then the whole talk is fruitless. Christians receive their morality Continue reading →

Are Christians anti-Science?

Science and Scripture has been a hot topic ever since the pivotal Scopes Trial in 1925. The battle in the academic realm between whether or not to discuss Creationism has created anger and bitterness between many people over the last century or so. So, naturally we dove right into the discussion in morning men’s group with the intention of settling the issue once and for all! Well, maybe not. However, we did talk about Science vs. Scripture from Genesis 1 and 2. We looked at how Gen. Continue reading →

God, Evil and Suffering

This is one of the most relevant topics of the Summer series that we will cover. Evil and suffering are two guarantees in life on this planet. In order to understand their place in the bigger picture of how God has orchestrated this world we took a look at Job 1. The book of Job is does not hold back. No one can say that the Scripture turns a blind eye to the reality of the world if they read the book of Job. Not only does Continue reading →

What about those who have never heard of Jesus?

This was the question we discussed in this morning’s men’s study. We had some good contributions this morning and spent most of our time in Romans 1:18-25. Romans 1 and 2 are pivotal passages that address what a Christian believes about the nature of people and God’s relationship with them on a global level. I admit that people who do not accept the Bible as God’s revelation to man will not legitimately allow us to use Romans 1-2 in any debate, but it is important Continue reading →