Worldviews Reviewed

Well, this morning was the conclusion to our study on the World’s Basic Belief systems. I invite you to take a look through the different posts on each of the major religions that we have covered this summer. Each set of beliefs that we covered was full of unique views that have impacted the world today. Sometimes those impacts have been positive, causing us to question our ways of thinking about the world around us. What drives us to think deeper about our own beliefs Continue reading →

Postmodernism Posthaste

How do you generally explain a movement that hates generalizations? This morning in the Morning Men’s Study we discussed Postmodernism, the religion of relativism. This system of thought dominates Western culture, the United States especially. In a society that fears opinions which lead to arguments, postmodernism fits neatly in the cracks. This worldview was defined by Jean-Francois Lyotard as the “incredulity toward metanarratives.” A metanarrative is the overarching story that links stories together. For instance, the Bible’s metanarrative – it’s overarching story – is that God Continue reading →

The New Age and an Old Adage

Riding in the car with my dad growing up was always special to me. I don’t know if it was just because it was always more relaxing without my older sisters and their teenage girl issues around or if I enjoyed the guarantee of not going to the mall to shop. Either way, I prized those occasions. My dad always had classic rock on in his car. Always. And it was always loud. For instance, I specifically remember one time driving behind him and trying Continue reading →

How can you be the best version of yourself?

Tired of living an life that feels empty? Want more than your nine to five that gives you no fulfillment? Do you feel like you are missing something? Well, the topic of our Morning Men’s Study this morning was Existentialism. This worldview attempts to answer the questions of the heart that haunt us on a day to day basis. Questions like, “What is my purpose?” It’s entire foundation comes from the premise that “existence precedes essence.” Now, let me explain what that means. Your essence Continue reading →