Celebrating Old Kearney High

View from Parkling Lot

As a part of the building process, we want to memorialize those who made this building their home. We will do this by honoring all 1961-2016 graduates in the new front entry way as well as putting all the graduates’ names on the site in a Memory Room. In the picture above, you notice the new front entry way with the arch coming out of it. This will symbolize the bridge from the original building to a triple cross display on the north side of the building, where the arch terminates into the ground. There will also be a dedicated, 1200 square foot room inside with memorabilia from the original building – a “Memory Room” with yearbooks, old wood paneling, pictures, and signs. We will make the front entry way into a memorial to those who came through Old Kearney High, and all donations go to the construction of the Memory Entryway and Arch, as well as the Memory Room.

There are also other, exciting ideas that we continue to work on in order to honor the memory of those who made this building into a wonderful place of learning and growth, impacting thousands of lives.

If you would like more information about how to be involved in doing this, please go to the Facebook Page to get more involved.

The fundraising goal is $300,000. This will cover:

$270,000 for the Memory Entry Way and Arch

$30,000 for the Memory Room









We are offering engraved wood and brick from the original building as a thank you for all donations. When you donate, you have your choice of 8″or 12″ wood paneling or brick, as seen above. If you have multiple people you are honoring, please indicate in the text box how many of each you want. You will receive a wood/brick gift from us for every graduate you honor through donation. For example, if you donate $1,000 to honor a family of 3 graduates then you will receive 3 pieces of wood or brick. If you donate $200 in order to honor 2 graduates, then you will receive 2 pieces of wood or brick.

In addition to the gift of brick or wood, we will recognize all graduates that were honored through donation in the Memory Room. While all 1961-2016 graduates’ names will be listed in the Memory Room, those honored through donation will be emboldened to indicate their part in making this memorial happen.

If you would like to support this exciting opportunity, register by clicking here.

If an online donation process isn’t appealing to you, print out this form and return it with money to First Baptist Church at 1616 W 39th St, Kearney, NE.